Bukit Batok B3 Facility Skate Park (Blk 108)

Today I went in search of the bukit batok skate park, and in fact there are 2! But the first one I went to at blk 178 no longer exists, Looks like it was torn down and it’s just a construction site now. However I went in search of the Blk 108 skatepark, and after walking around the blocks a few times, I finally found it right in the center between blk 108 and blk 101!

It just has 4 quater pipes, looks like around 4ft and the big ones at 6ft and maybe 7ft high. The transitions are not really smooth and the ground is a bit rough, but it’s still skate-able and you can try to get some airs launching off the quater-pipes if you go fast enough.

Address: 101 Bukit Batok West Ave 6, Block 101, Singapore 650101

Opening Hours: 8am – 10pm