How to get to G Skatepark, Kobe, Japan

So if you like skating as much as I do, especially half-pipe skating, a visit to G-Skate park in Kobe, home of the Yasutoko Brothers, is one of the top 10 ten things to do in Japan!

G Skatepark

Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Higashi Nada
Koyocho Naka 8-1

But just how do you get there?

By Air
The easiest way would be to fly to Kansai International Airport in Osaka, and take the airport limousine bus to Kobe which is about a 75minutes ride.

You’d want to check the bus schedule for times.

Fares are…
1 way: 1,950yen
Round trip ticket (valid for 30days): 3,080yen

You can take the limousine bus directly to Rokko Island where G-Skate park is located. The bus will stop near Island Centre train station where you can take the train to the Marine Park station 1 stop away.  From Marine Park Station, head towards the soccer fields, and you will see G-Skate park!

Where to Stay
So if you’re not hard core enough to go directly to Rokko Island and skate immediately, but looking for a cheap place to stay instead, you can take the bus to Sannomiya, and stay at R2 Sannomiya Hostel. It’s clean, and close to many good eating places, and the best okonomiyaki I’ve ever tried!