Lazarus Island Freediving Underwater and Beach Cleanup (Singapore)

Lazarus Island is one of the more scenic beaches with probably the clearest water to swim in by Singapore standards. However lately while freediving at Lazarus island, we noticed that the trash on the beaches in Lazarus Island has been piling up again since our last clean up, so it’s time again for yet another cleanup!

Bright and early, we met at the Marina South Ferry Terminal I joined the underwater cleanup and we took the ferry to St John’s Island and walked over diving fins and snorkels in tow ready for our mission to execute operation underwater and beach cleanup!

When we arrived at Bendera Bay, the amount of trash that greeted us was frankly quite overwhelming. There were so many plastic bottles, cups and all kinds of trash on the beach itself already. I wondered if we could really clean up this beach!

Usually Bendera Bay is off-limits to the public, but we arranged with Friends of Marine Park for access to the bay for the cleanup.

Undeterred by the volume of trash on the beach, bags in tow, everyone got to work in groups of 5, picking up as much trash as we could from the beach and underwater!

Besides trash, we did get the chance to see some corals and wildlife that day, which was quite a treat. There’s actually a coral nursery as well tended to by Friends of Marine Park.

After spending 3 hours, 37 of us managed to haul up 344kg of trash! But it was all worth it, the beach was so much cleaner and pleasant to swim in.

A big thank you to Zen Freediving and Friends of Marine Park for organising the cleanup and all the volunteers that help to keep our beaches clean. If you would like to join a cleanup, follow Zen Freediving on facebook to stay updated or SG Beach Warriors who also organise regular beach cleanups!