Night Sky Photography at Kamikochi, Nagano

Truly, one of my favorite places in Japan is Kamikochi. And there is no better way to breathe in the beautiful nature than camping under the stars in my opinion.

After 2 nights of rain and cloudy night skies, I had almost given up all hope of seeing the stars… until the 3rd night. After being woken up by a full bladder, I finally gave in, and with torch in hand, I decided to leave the comfort of the tent and make my way through the dark to the campsite restroom.

To my amazement, I saw the crescent moon shining brightly over the trees, and stars peeking out through the clouds.




I made my way to the restroom and hurried back to my tent and grabbed my camera. As I walked back, although anxiously I thought I felt a few drops, to my happiness, the clouds seemed to drift away to make way for one of the most beautiful night skies I’ve ever seen.



I woke my still sleeping camping companion, and we wandered through the dark in amazement at the scenery and managed to take a few more shots before a thick mist descended upon the campsite.