Organic Durian Fish Soup in Tampines (Seasonal Dish)

Today, I went to my favourite fish soup stall in Tampines and the stall owner asked me, “Do you want to try organic durian with your fish soup?”. Well, why not? I thought, I saw a video on Facebook about durian fish soup and was pretty curious.

One thing I like about this fish soup stall is that there is no MSG, and you can add 2 kinds of vegetables from a selection that usually has broccoli, bitter gourd, carrots, cabbage, daikon and sometimes mushrooms. And this is in addition to the veggies he already adds to the fish soup by default. Usually, when I eat out, it’s hard to find healthy dishes with fresh veggies from food stalls. Sometimes you can also add in fresh oysters or organic chicken drumsticks too! These are seasonal and not on the menu, so you have to ask for them.

So now, the question is how does durian fish soup taste? Surprisingly durian blends quite well with the fish soup, the durian flavour is not overpowering but gives the soup additional flavour. The fresh red chilli and black pepper give an additional kick and flavour as well. For today, I chose bitter gourd and cauliflower to go with my soup, and I quite liked it and drank every last drop of soup. I have to say this is definitely for durian lovers though, I’m not sure how non-durian lovers will find this.

The fish soup doesn’t come with one piece of durian like in the photo though, it’s there because I told Derrick the stall owner that he should have a photo with the durian to post on Facebook so people will know that there is durian in the soup, so he gave me one extra piece to help him take a photo! My lucky day! Haha is this considered my first sponsored post?

Anyway if you are curious how durian fish soup tastes, you can try it out at Blk 519A in Tampines, near the mosque, this is only a seasonal item though only while there is durian available. If you are looking for organic durian, you can also buy it from the stall.

Update: I’ve also written a review of the Bao Sheng Organic Durian used in the soup, check it out to see how it tastes!

Wang Yuan Fish Soup

Organic Durian Fish Soup $12

Value Fish Meal $6

Address: 519A Tampines Central 8, Singapore 521519